Extracurricular Activity (ECA) Tax Credit

Arizona law provides a tax credit for contributions to public schools to support extracurricular activities or character education.

You can help Westwood High School students and possibly lower your tax bill by making a donation.

The state tax credit is available to ALL qualifying individual Arizona state taxpayers. You do not need to have a child enrolled in a school to take advantage of this state tax credit. It is always best to consult a tax adviser to see if you qualify for the dollar-for-dollar credit.

A tax credit is different from a deduction, because you may subtract the whole contribution from your Arizona state tax bill. An individual may contribute as much as $200, and a couple filing jointly may contribute as much as $400 to a public school and receive the money back in the form of a tax credit.

To be eligible for a state tax credit, your contribution must be received or postmarked by Dec. 31.

Please note: ECA donations are not refundable.

For more information and to make your contribution, please visit the district's website.

Thank you for supporting our Westwood Warriors.